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Louis de Funes is remembered and loved: the museum dedicated to the actor has been opened in France


Neither Seen Nor Recognized, The Troops of St. Tropez, Fantomas, The Sucker, Don't Look Now... We're Being Shot At!, The Gendarme Gets Married, L'homme orchestre – these and more than 150 other films have gained worldwide fame thanks to the great actor Louis de Funes. In the south-west of France, near the town of Le Cellier, in the ancient Clermont Castle, the museum of the cinema legend Louis de Funes has been opened. Initiators of the museum’s opening were Charles and Roselyne Duringer. Last year, after 30 years after the death of the actor, they opened a museum near the castle in a small two-bedroom apartment. It became very popular: more than five thousand visitors for less than six months. The apartment was too small. Organizers with other fans of the artist collected money, so owners of the castle agreed to give them space of ​​almost 200 square metres for the museum.

Louis de Funes started as a pianist playing jazz in bars and cabarets of Paris. Already at that time people could see his famous antics. Then he worked as a teacher at a music school. After World War II, he tried himself in movies. His first steps were not successful, but soon he became one of the greatest comedians in the history of French and world cinema. In the castle of the 17th century Château de Clermont, the actor had lived since 1967. In his free time, Louis loved fishing on the banks of the Loire, jokes, laughter and roses. He worked at his garden himself.

The museum’s exposition is the story about his life, played roles, creative work. You can see there personal belongings, family heirlooms, shooting costumes, photographs, souvenirs, little-known interview, a large collection of posters, listen to the music from films. Exhibits for the museum's collection were given by Louis’ sons Patrick and Olivier, his colleagues and friends, admirers of his filmmaking. You’ll get to know unknown stories of his life, walk along his favourite paths, look at his favourite places. You’ll have opportunity to take a tour “Following Louis’ steps.” In a small cinema located there you can dive into the atmosphere of fun comedy adventure movie stars Louis de Funes.

This year, 31 July is a 100th anniversary of the birth of Louis de Funes. Actor, writer, director, commissioner Juve in films about Fantômas, conductor of the orchestra Lefort in La Grande Vadrouille, a man so loved and remembered by tens of millions of people. Louis de Funes was our friend, came from the screen into our home, made us smile. There is no doubt that the museum will have a lot of visitors from different countries.

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