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Arles, Arles arrondissement

Arles, about 55 000 inhabitants, is located in the southeast of France, the Camargue, about 35 miles southeast of Nîmes and 90 km northwest of Marseille .
Arles has a relatively large heritage from Roman times to the Middle Ages, mostly located in the city center. By visiting you will find the most imposing monument still visible at the time of Roman colonies, the Arena of Arles . Many shows are held to entertain you, depending on the time you will see Camargue races, reconstructions tournaments gladiators, concerts and festivals. Southwest from there, only 50 m from other performances in the open sky place at the Théâtre Antique. Then, 300 m away to the Grand Rhône, the Baths of Constantine, partially cleared, they are among the best preserved in France. Rather medieval and still in the city center then you can visit several churches. You realize the strong presence and history of Catholicism in the region. There including Saint Trophimus cathedral which is one of the first to be built in France. Other monuments are within walking distance such as towers and remains of walls. All this is a World Heritage Site by Unesco.
But Arles is also the Provencal cuisine with dishes such as olive tapenade base, but also meat bull Camargue rice and fresh citrus. You will find these local products in Arles market, which is one of the finest and most extensive - up to 2 km - from Provence. To savor the cuisine of the area's many restaurants are located west of Arenas to the river. But five Arles restaurants are particularly remember because they hold the title of Masters Restaurant, which is a great distinction in France.
For fun, go to the Garden of Hortus between the Rhone and the Grand Canal from Arles to Bouc. Here you are offered a course on which you will discover ancient Roman games. Then next door, you can enjoy to go to Arles Antique County Museum where ancient archeology is honored.
To get to Arles it is quite possible to take the train from most of the major cities of the region.
To move to Arles there is a free shuttle called Navia that goes from the train station to the Antique Museum. Then there are 7 other paylines whose network is called Envia. It can take you anywhere in the city. A single rate for all travel: 0.80 €.
The city offers bike paths and private companies rent bicycles, especially in front of the railway station. A nice solution to better enjoy the warm atmosphere of Arles.

Other administrative center of arrondissement, subprefecture
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