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Sainte-Chapelle - reliquary chapel in the former Royal Palace in Paris. Chapel was built by Pierre de Montreuil in 1242 -1248 years. The idea of the construction of St. Louis was the king, who wanted to keep in the chapel of Christian relics brought from Eastern countries during the Crusades.

Today the Holy Chapel is no longer considered a religious temple, but still attracts tourists like a monumental architectural structure, erected in the Gothic style.

The height of this exquisite chapel is 43 meters and the length - 35. Capella is composed of two chapels, the bottom of which was intended for the court, and also served as a burial place for its ministers. The top luxury chapel was built for the king and his entourage. Originally, it was even possible to go directly from the royal apartments. It was here, at the top of the chapel are the famous huge windows with elaborate stained-glass windows of biblical scenes. Most of the stained glass chapel - genuine.

To get to the chapel of the Holy possible on the subway to go to the station of St-Michel. 

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