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Le château de Foix

Foix Castle dominates the city which is an hour south of Toulouse at the foot of the Pyrenees.

According to ancient writings it dates from at least the eleventh century and was an important place for the Cathars. In the Middle Ages, this impressive monument was known by his enemies to be an impregnable fortress. It was run by prominent figures such as Gaston Phoebus and Henri IV, the last count.

Today you can explore the museum of the Ariege devoted to the history of the county of Foix and its castle and construction for medieval warfare.

On accommodations, hotels and restaurants are close to the place. Then a train line Toulouse-Foix exists. Once at the station of Foix take bus line 1 and stop at Parvis. Following up to the castle is an easy walk.

By car, take the A61 motorway towards Montpellier and always follow Foix. The nearest parking is P9. 

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