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The Palace of Versailles

Located in the town of Versailles near Paris, is all French castles most famous in the world. It was the residence of the kings of France during one century, from 1682 to 1789. 50 years ago there was only a pavilion which was used for hunting.

Successive enlargements have resulted in impressive grounds. As the years the castle has achieved immense size: it is extended over 6 acres with 2,300 rooms of which 1000 are part of the museum. Among the most famous are the Hall of Mirrors is a long room made to dazzle visitors to the King, as well as the Flats of the King and the Queen. But much more than one article to tell you all the wonders to be discovered here.

Castle Park is a gem to visit with his Swiss lake Room, its Grand Canal and two Trianons are castles built independently of the main but are integrated into the field. You can also visit the home of Marie Antoinette.

The castle has several collections of more than 60,000 works of art reflecting "all the glories of France." Temporary exhibitions are also available as well as numerous events throughout the year.

The stop closest bus is named "Castle", it is located on the Place d'Armes, opposite the gates of the castle.

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