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Chartres Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral

The cathedral is located in the heart of Chartres town located about 1 hour drive south-west of Paris, in the Centre region. Dating from the thirteenth century it is one of the most representative monuments of Gothic type and the best preserved. It is one of the first monuments classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. Its dimensions are impressive: a length of 130 m and a width of 63.4 m; the highest bell tower rises to 115 m. Its two towers are visible more than 10 miles around.

It is here that you will find one of the largest roses in the world with 13.36 m in diameter. You can also admire the 200 statues of the choir screen and the 181 representations of the Virgin, 3500 and other statues around 2,600 square meters of stained glass, which is the largest area of ​​stained glass in the world. You tread the soil of France`s largest choir. Have no doubt, the architecture of this gigantic place will amaze you too!

No bus passes through the inner city of Chartres but most of the lines run 400 meters south of the cathedral. You must stop at Place des Scattered then move north by General de Gaulle Square and then take the Rue du Cheval Blanc. You can not miss the monument.


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