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Angers Castle

Angers, a city in western France, 3 hours from Paris and 1 hour from Nantes, has an impressive fortress, Château d'Angers. It is located in the city center, beside the river Maine.

The first buildings of what took place up there nearly 900 years. The main materials are shale and limestone. Today you will discover a large square surrounded by its 17 towers and an area of ​​25,000 m². Inside are many sights: the beautiful French garden, the gatehouse, the Logis Royal, the chapel, not to mention the famous Apocalypse Tapestry. There are also various relics, the oldest dating from about 6,000 years from the Neolithic and Roman times. Most recent on Count palace.

The castle is located in the north a few steps from the railway station. Otherwise the bus 4 and 8 serve the bus stop of the Castle.

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