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Calanques of Provence

Calanques of Provence

These geological formations drawing of narrow and deep valleys along the Mediterranean and partly submerged by the sea 

There are a large number of these places. They are beautiful landscapes because there is a mixture of beautiful colors: white limestone of the green sparse vegetation or the azure blue of the water entering the creeks. In spring and summer you will hear the famous cicadas. 

To enjoy this show you can take multiple hiking trails that connect a cove to another. You can also experience a unique underwater experience through the various dive centers, including Cassis. Most of the towns near Calanques offer boat trips and rentals if you have the license. You can then sit back on the water with friends and family. 

In summer there are restrictions on access to footpaths Calanques to the risk of fire, be sure to know the hours allowed. 

A bus from Marseille to the cove Callelongue line 20. To visit the Calanques of Cassis starting from Marseille there M6 and M8 lines. 


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