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Verdon Gorge

Verdon Gorge

Verdon Gorge - the deepest canyon in Europe. It is a canyon of the river Verdon. Situated in the hills of Provence, and reaches a depth of 700 meters. The gorge is quite small, only 19 kilometers, but, despite this, there is going to a huge number of travelers from around the world.

On the steep slopes of the gorge is an observation deck with stunning views of the mountains and cliffs, picturesque wooded slopes. The narrow path you can go pretty far into the canyon. The force of nature say overhanging bare rock, as well as the rapid flow of the river beneath your feet. Verdon gorges around are ancient caves in which there are still remains of invertebrates.

However, not only beautiful nature leads tourists to these places. There are good conditions for rafting, paragliding, horse riding.

Although Verdon Gorge is located just 100 kilometers from Nice and Cannes , you can only get here by car or bus, which rarely ply the picturesque steep mountain road. So check in advance the timetable of buses.


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