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Palace of the Popes (Avignon)

Palace of the Popes (Avignon)

Papal Palace is one of the major historical and cultural monuments of the city of Avignon. He is considered one of the largest palaces in Europe and is under UNESCO protection. Construction of the palace lasted for 30 years, during the reign of three Popes: Benedict XII, Clement VI and Innocent VII. 

This luxurious feudal castle built in the Gothic style. It differs huge and forbidding stone walls with pointed arches, broad loopholes and small windows. The interior of the palace is striking in its sophistication and elegance Its walls are decorated with rare and expensive paintings, amazing frescoes. From the windows offer stunning views of the Rhone, Pont d'Avignon and the magnificent garden, laid out on a nearby hill. 

Get to Avignon from Paris or Lyon best on high-speed trains TGV. 

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