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Traveller sculpture Bruno Catalano

Traveller sculpture Bruno Catalano

On the streets of Marseille can see unusual sculptures of people made by talented French sculptor Bruno Catalano.

Bruno has an unusual and original view of the world, which helped him to create such a unique sculpture. In addition, most of his life he spent in travel and love of travel is felt in many of his works.

Sculptor glorified series of sculptures - Les Voyageurs - "Travelers". Lovely technique and original idea brought him wide recognition in Europe. This sculpture travelers of all ages, sexes, nationalities. Attracts the attention of the missing middle body part. This void in the body creates amazing visual illusions, urging the audience to fill in the missing pieces in his imagination. I wanted to express this technique sculptor? Perhaps, looking as if "through" the traveler can see the places and those edges that he left. And maybe this "emptiness" expresses openness for each accumulation of knowledge, new impressions and experiences while traveling. Or maybe it's just a hint of the fact that today many modern people are always somewhere in a hurry, losing its integrity, a sense of inner home. Anyway, but the sculptor leaves open is the question, offering each viewer to find him your answer.

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