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Museum d'Histoire Naturelle Aix-en-Provence

The Natural History Museum of Aix-en-Provence is located in the center of the city, close to the high court. XIX century it has been a few decades installed in a prestigious location, the Hotel Boyer-d`Éguilles.

Here you will find over 670 000 Natural curiosities specimens of which half relates herbaria. You will also discover many dinosaur replicas, skeletons, fossils and various minerals. There are also prehistoric objects and many other sights.

Four permanent exhibitions are open: paleontology hall, the prehistoric room, ethnology and the dining room of the Amazonian fauna.

The tour is free for children under 25 years.

Most of the car parks in Aix-en-Provence are paying but it is easy to get around on foot and by bus. From the railway station, for example, there are only 13 mins walk. Turn right from the station onto Avenue of the Belgians. Go right again to reach the roundabout of Place du General de Gaulle. Continue straight, the Espariat Street is here.

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