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Marseille History Museum

Marseille History Museum

Located close to the Old Port of Marseille, in the north-east of it, the History Museum of Marseille is counted among the greatest museums of History in France and Europe. It occupies an important place in the mall Stock Exchange, which has been totally renovated with the Museum.

The museum now occupies over 15,000 square meters of surface. This includes the archaeological site of the ancient port called the Jardin des Vestiges, which was built by the Greek Phocaea there almost 2600 years. It became a very charming place.

The museum offers a journey tracing the history of Marseille, the oldest city of France, from the earliest occupation of the area in prehistoric times, and the creation of the city by the Phoenicians until today. Thus thousands of artefacts and documents are exhibited here. There are for example reconstructions of antique boats, pottery, a necropolis, walls, etc..

The museum also houses temporary exhibitions, workshops for children, an auditorium, a documentation center ...

The museum is located on the M1 metro line, right between the "Old Port, City Hall" stations and "Colbert, City region."


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